It’s not an exaggeration to say we are living in an age where the concept of trust has taken a beating. Not just trust in government, corporations and news, but also the media supply chain.  Just read any of the latest industry headlines, including this sample from the past week:

Ads.txt Study Shows Huge Publisher Losses To Domain Fraud

‘Absurd’: Angry advertisers are slamming YouTube’s response to its brand safety snafus

Hearts & Science: Negative Brand Adjacency Has A Direct Impact On The Bottom Line

The recurring theme is a lack of trust in the digital media supply chain, i.e., programmatic advertising. The concept of programmatic (“find my audiences wherever they are!”) is great in theory, but in practice has created incentives for both legitimate and illegitimate publishers to game the system. It created audiences at scale across tens of thousands of sites, but could never answer a CMO’s question of “Where are my ads actually running?” It’s as if the advertising world collectively agreed not to look too closely under the programmatic media rock to see what is crawling around underneath. Does any advertiser need to run on 100,000 sites? How about 10,000? Or 1,000? Can you even name 1,000 sites (or apps) where you would be proud to run your client’s ads?

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