Extending agreements that began in late-2007, Captivate has been renewed in 10 properties within Lower Manhattan’s historic Hudson Square neighborhood. The host of office towers are owned by Trinity Hudson Holdings, LLC: a joint partnership between Norges Bank Investment Management and Trinity Church that came into existence in 2015. With the support of Hines, the portfolio’s operating manager, The Trinity Hudson partnership has been and continues to be a major contributor to the beautification and economic development of the Hudson Square district.

The Captivate/Trinity partnership encompasses over 4.8 million square feet of real estate, and–between the 10 buildings–59 elevator cabs will be upgraded with sleek new FHD screens. As part of the agreement, multiple Captivate features have been opted into, including increased frequency of ScreenCenter messages and access to ScreenCenter Video. This will give Hines’ management team the ability to share dynamic messages to tenants in a single property, or across the entire Trinity Hudson Holdings portfolio. Each display will also receive the Deluxe Branding treatment, giving Hines a persistent logo presence on-screen, and a color scheme based on their brand colors. The agreement reinforces Captivate’s already strong presence in the greater New York City market, where over 50% of Class A properties have Captivate screens.

“Hines and Trinity are dedicated to delivering a better building experience to their Hudson Square tenants, and we’re excited to be able to help them achieve that in such historic properties.”

– Maureen Beirne, Captivate’s SVP of Real Estate