Business professionals have a hard time removing themselves from their careers during the holidays, with many staying at the office, losing vacation time or working remotely.

In fact, 37% said they planned to do some sort of work on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and/or New Year’s Day, an Office Pulse study of 1,200+ white-collar working professionals found. Of those professionals planning to work during their holiday, 1 in 3 (32%) will get a head start on big projects for their company, while an additional 61% just plan to answer ‘a couple’ of emails. Only 7% will actually be in the office.

As a result of all this extra work, employers can expect a $1.4 billion gain in productivity.

Those findings are in line with a similar 2015 study. Last year, Office Pulse found the same amount of business professionals (37%) would be doing ‘some sort’ of work during Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Year’s Day.

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