Business professionals across the United States have a strong interest in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They may have to hide it from their boss, but they’ll find a way to watch the Summer Games – scouring the internet and social networks to keep up with the latest news during the workday and costing employers a pretty penny.

Overall, 72% of business professionals plan to watch the Olympics this year, according to Captivate’s Office Pulse Summer Olympic Survey of 1,026 white-collar workers.

Many of those professionals are planning to keep up with the Summer Games during the workday. Overall, 57% plan to watch the Olympics while at the office for an average of one hour a day, according to the Office Pulse study.

As a result, employers can expect a whopping $5.4 billion loss in productivity due to employees watching the games during the 10 working days of Rio 2016. That’s a huge jump from 2012, when Office Pulse reported a $1 billion loss in productivity during the London Olympics.

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