If you have the opportunity to attend a football game at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, you’d be visiting Roy Kidd Stadium, named after long-time EKU Head Football Coach Roy Kidd, who achieved 314 wins in his 39-year career and led the team to two Division I-AA National Championships in 1979 and 1982.  His son, Marc Kidd, now CEO of Captivate (the leading location-based digital video network), recalls that he never saw a football game from the stands until he was an adult.  Being with his dad in the locker room and on the sidelines (see photo above) has not only influenced his management style, but offers a set of guidelines and life lessons that inform all of those around him.

“When I think about culture and goals in a management role,” Marc comments, “I recall the times I was on the field with my father, and I use his philosophy. He would say ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated’ and ‘I’m a better coach when I have better players.’

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