Two years after breaking out of the elevators and expanding into lobbies with the acquisition of the Wall Street Journal Office Media Network, Captivate is happy to announce a fully rebuilt and enhanced Lobby Network. The new network features a suite of hardware and software products that raise the bar even higher for the CRE industry’s leading digital media network.

Upgraded Hardware

People walking near elevators with Lobby NetworkBringing the Lobby Network under the Captivate corporate umbrella enabled a host of improvements to both technology and service. Most notable is the release of a new line of large format, low profile monitors to display Captivate’s hand-curated content. The new second-generation screens feature LG’s HDMI ultra-thin hardware, capable of scaling up to 55 inches and measuring just 1.5 inches in screen width. The wireless screens will allow properties to place them in even more locations inside buildings – giving greater flexibility to managers and owners looking to satisfy wall space in any environment with a meaningful digital media experience.

  • Available in Large Format 43”, 49” & 55” HDMI LG Monitors
  • 22-38lbs
  • Thinner, lighter, more modern aesthetic
  • 1920 x 1080 (FHD) Resolution
  • Screen depth of approx. 1.5”. Wall mount depth approx. 1.8” (3.3” total)
  • HDMI: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Ultra-thin 11.9mm screen bezel
  • Direct-LED Backlight
  • High Energy Efficiency Technology
New Design

Not only does the Lobby Network now display curated content from over 100 best-in-class content providers, the on-screen design also underwent an overhaul to create a consistent user experience across both networks. This new look incorporates the recognizable time and temp section from the Elevator Network with dynamic content feeds in its dropdown window. Other upgrades include dynamic, market-specific weather backgrounds across local city skylines, a redesigned scrolling ticker, and greater readability of the main content window.


Wall Street Journal Lobby Look


New Lobby Network design

Custom Branding and Messaging

In addition to the new designs, fresh content and hardware upgrades, the Lobby Network now offers Captivate’s Custom Branding solution – previously offered only to elevator customers. This capability allows properties to fully integrate their brand on-screen. Custom Branding includes the ability to showcase a company’s logo, building name, building image and corporate color scheme to reinforce the brand presence to tenants inside the building. Property owners and managers can distinguish themselves from peer buildings, heighten the awareness of their brand’s market presence and create a customized look and feel on all Captivate screens in the building. For customers already taking advantage of the Custom Branding feature on their elevator screens, this expansion creates more consistency throughout all the screens in the building.

Custom Branding Solution


Captivate’s ScreenCenter™

Screencenter in lobby

Captivate’s ScreenCenter™ capability will continue to allow properties to broadcast their own messages directly on-screen, now with greater visibility and impact on the Lobby Network. ScreenCenter is utilized by properties to post messaging such as building events, health & life safety, green & sustainability, space for lease, building amenities, construction, holiday parties and much more. Each message is custom designed and posted at the discretion of the properties based on their needs and timing.