Commercial Real Estate’s leading digital amenity has taken a major step forward with the launch of a Customer Success team. Created to support new and existing real estate partners, the initiative will be led by Kate Monnier, who previously managed several Captivate real estate accounts as Director of Services. Experts on all Captivate products, the Customer Success team will be responsible for onboarding new clients and offering training on Captivate tools such as ScreenCenter™ and the Custom Content Window. Their first major project has been to coordinate the replacement of all Office Media Network displays (Captivate acquired OMN in 2014) with the new Captivate Multipurpose Display. Already this year, over 150 buildings have been upgraded to the new hardware. Future plans include assembling an advisory panel made up of customer advocates, directing survey research of tenants and clients, and delivering periodic correspondence aimed at increasing awareness of Captivate features.

One way Captivate has always stood out from their competition is with an emphasis on customer service. A 2017 survey found that 92% of Property Managers are satisfied with the level of customer support Captivate provides, and the addition of the Customer Success team should only bolster satisfaction. This announcement continues a growing focus on customer success among tech companies. Captivate’s Network Operation Center (NOC) will continue to be the point of contact for technical issues, but with a growing network of 1,600 premier properties, it only makes sense for Captivate to invest in a more proactive approach to client relationships.

Contact the Customer Success Team: 978.845.5000 or