What’s always separated Captivate from other office media providers is a focus on premium content – ensuring that tenants are seeing only the most relevant and engaging mix of news and information throughout the day. Building upon this core strength even further, Captivate has finalized two pivotal content partnerships already in 2018.

Inrix, a wide-ranging company best known for their “connected car” analytics, will become Captivate’s new network-wide traffic data provider. Roadify, an aggregator and distributor of transit arrivals, schedules, and service alerts, will be a premium service for those Captivate buildings who want to deliver an even deeper level of commuting intelligence to their tenants. Captivate provides both Elevator and Lobby screens to their clients, and while Inrix data will be available on both platforms, Roadify will only be available for lobby screens to start.

The two systems are very different from each other as far as the content they provide. Inrix will inform tenants of their ETA to popular areas (by car), with incredible accuracy down to their property’s Lat/Long. If you have Captivate in your building, you may have already seen Inrix content on-screen. Roadify, on the other hand, delivers schedules and service alerts from a multitude of local transit systems, including subways, buses, trains, Uber, and bike share programs. Like Captivate’s new Tenant Directory and Override/Alert Messaging features, subscribing to the Roadify premium service eliminates the need to invest in and manage multiple digital display services. Both Inrix and Roadify should prove to be informative content additions for tenants in Captivate buildings, as well as easy tools for Real Estate professionals to make their properties more engaging and connected to the world outside of work.