Still by far the most widely-used Social Media platform in the world, Facebook has everything: influencers, brands, publications, groups, events – you name it. No matter what facet of Commercial Real Estate you operate in, there’s something for you here.

  1. WeWork@WeWork

WeWork is not only making waves in CRE, but has become one of the most valuable startups in the world[1] across all industries. In the meantime, their Facebook page has racked up over 750,000 likes by posting a variety of content types and taking the position of thought leader in the coworking arena.

  1. Propmodo @propmodo

One of our favorite publications here at Captivate, Propmodo is focused specifically CRE technology, and they are great at it. Their content is pertinent, frequently updated, and is the perfect way for CRE professionals to stay up-to-speed on the technology disrupting their industry.

  1. Raise the Barcom/groups/RaiseTheBar

Facebook is an excellent place for professionals to build communities within their industry, and Raise the Bar is exactly that for Real Estate. With over 21,000 members and growing, you may have to do some digging, but there is multitude of insights from professionals from all corners of Real Estate here.

  1. ULI@UrbanLandInstitute

With over 40,000 active members[2], the Urban Land Institute is making a difference every day in the CRE community. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it is ULI does, or how you could become an active participant, following their Facebook page is a great introduction.

  1. Brixmor Property Group@Brixmor

As one of the nation’s largest portfolios, Brixmor owns and operates over 500 commercial properties across 38 states. What you would expect to see on their Facebook page is endless listings of their space for lease, but instead you find a carefully curated feed of articles relating to workplace culture, technology, customer relations, and of course, Commercial Real Estate.

  1. Bisnow@Bisnow

Part of the reason Bisnow is a successful media company is because their local Real Estate content is just as good as their national content, and vice-versa. If you’d like to see more CRE commentary on your Facebook home page, give them a follow.

  1. SIOR @SIORglobal

With over 3,200 members in 685 cities, the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors is a prominent organization in Real Estate. Their goal is to promote professional, knowledgeable, and successful brokerage practices, and their Facebook page effectively supports that goal. Follow them for informative articles, useful tips, and data-heavy market analysis.

  1. The Real Deal @therealdealmagazine

Though more tabloid-like than the previously discussed publications, there’s no better source of breaking market news than The Read Deal if you work in NYC or Miami.

  1. Christie’s International Real Estate@christiesinternationalrealestate

If you’re looking for a classic example of how a realtor should use Facebook, check out Christie’s page ASAP. This international realtor showcases their homes with a stunning mix of video, picture, and blogs, while mixing in valuable tips for home owners in the process.


LinkedIn is the bread and butter of B2B companies, which means plenty of CRE players – including vendors, and tech companies – are actively sharing their content and insights.

  1. CREW NetworkCREW Network

The Commercial Real Estate Women Network is as influential an organization as any in the industry. Their steps toward the advancement of women in CRE take the form of events, articles, and videos – all of which can be discovered on their LinkedIn page.

  1. CREtechCREtech

CREtech is an online publication and a host of industry events for those in CRE technology. Their LinkedIn page has less than 200 followers, which is a mystery to us, as their feed is packed with great articles, as well as key information on industry events.

  1. VTSVTS, Inc.

For those with an interest in the advancements being made in CRE technology, VTS’ LinkedIn page is a great resource for staying in the loop. A disruptor themselves, VTS’ feed is a mix of their own content and relevant, third-party articles.

  1. Jonathan Schultz Jonathan Schultz

The only individual on our LinkedIn list, Jonathan is a Founder and Managing Principal at Onyx Equities. He posts actively, and the content he shares is always relevant, which has helped him garner over 12,000 LinkedIn followers.

  1. Cushman & WakefieldCushman & Wakefield

You certainly know their name, but something you may not know is how great of a social media strategy Cushman & Wakefield brings to the market. They employ all the major platforms well, but their LinkedIn stands out for sheer diversity of content. Visit this page for relevant articles, quotes from Cushman leaders, and even for an occasional pop-culture fix.

  1. CaptivateCaptivate, LLC

You’ve made it this far, so why not?

  1. The Commercial ObserverCommercial Observer

Another publication keeping things fresh on LinkedIn is the Commercial Observer. The articles here speak more generally to the industry than CRE Tech, but that doesn’t make them any less engaging or pertinent.

  1. Ten-XTen-X

Formerly known as Auction.com, Ten-X is a bonified CRE disrupter. Their LinkedIn feed contains news relating to CRE Tech, as well information on their most in-demand properties up for auction. The page is a great way to keep up with CRE Tech trends – which is why they now have 13,000+ Linked followers.


The fastest growing social media platform[3], as well as the one you are most likely evading, is Instagram. Not only does their focus on video and photography dovetail with 2018 marketing trends[4], which have leaned towards visual marketing, but it also fits perfectly with the aesthetic nature of Real Estate. There are already several great pages for CRE professionals to follow, with higher usage expected in 2018.

  1. Two Trees NY@twotreesny

Two Trees owns, manages, and develops residential, commercial, and retail property in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but you wouldn’t guess that by first glance at their Instagram. Two Trees ropes you in with pictures of breathtaking sunsets and local burger joints, building a sense of culture, and then advertising comes second. Two Trees understands that with social media, relationship building comes first.

  1. Office Snapshots@officesnapshots

In correspondence with the rise of the lifestyle-centric non-office, interior design in the workplace has reached a creative peak. The Office Snapshots Instagram highlights some of the most aesthetically innovate and in-vogue office spaces in the world.

  1. CBRE@cbre

Like Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE is an industry pioneer in their social media presence, and their Instagram, with over 25k followers, is no exception. Follow them for immaculate cityscapes and architecture, stay for insightful employee highlights.

  1. Surface Mag@surfacemag

Interior design, architecture, and modern art are all meshed together in Surface Mag’s Instagram page. If you’re an industry professional looking to spice up the look of your property, look no further than Surface Mag for inspiration.

  1. Commercial Real Estate@commercial_real_estate

Instagram isn’t always sunsets and selfies, it can be informative as well. Follow the Commercial Real Estate page for breaking, high-profile transactions across the world. Only the top buildings in the top markets get shared.

  1. Cool Working Space@cool_working_space

Like Office Snapshots, Cool Working Spaces puts the spotlight on awesome professional space, but they also spice things up by occasionally highlighting the exterior architecture of premier office buildings around the world. It may just make you jealous.

  1. CRENewsBot@crenewsbot

Are you a news junkie annoyed with Instagram’s visual heavy platform? Give CRENewsBot a try. Multiple mornings a week, the CRE New Bot shares 5 top stories from around the CRE industry. The topics range from transactions and trends to big-ticket hires and development announcements, and they come in easily digestible headlines.


Despite a couple turbulent years, Twitter is still very much a leader in social media, especially when it comes to following individual influencers and thought leaders within your industry. Follow these nine accounts to stay in the CRE loop.


REIS is a leader in providing comprehensive data analytics to the CRE industry. Follow them on Twitter for concrete numerical insights into a variety of topics, ranging from submarket-specific analysis to industry-wide trends.

  1. Duke Long@dukelong

If you like your CRE commentary to come with a little attitude, check out influencer Duke Long. His feed is packed with informative articles and podcasts you may not find elsewhere, and as a founder of Prop Tech Challenge, Duke often shares his own CRE Tech related content.

  1. Blueprint CBRE@BlueprintCBRE

Currently one of the top CRE blogs in existence, CBRE’s Blueprint has amassed over fifty thousand followers on Twitter. Thanks to their expansive portfolio, CBRE has plenty of data and analytics available, which are shared here in the form of well written articles and digestible graphics.

  1. Real Capital Analytics@realcapital

Like REIS Inc, Real Capital provides insights into the CRE industry which are backed by thorough research and data crunching. What you’ll find here that you won’t on REIS Inc’s page is a higher concentration of international facts and figures.

  1. David Levitt @dmlevitt

If you’re already familiar with his name, it’s because David Levitt has been a presence in CRE journalism for years. He is currently a reporter for Bloomberg News, and keeps his Twitter feed up-to-date with industry news and insights. He is especially worth a follow if you are in the NYC market.


With a focus on the betterment of the overall retail industry, the International Council of Shopping Centers is one of the most active Real Estate organizations in the world. If you work at all with retail space, the content on ICSC’s Twitter feed should prove thoughtful and pertinent.

  1. Coy Davidson@CoyDavidsonCRE

Founder of one the top CRE blogs in the country, “The Tenant Advisor”, Coy is highly active on Twitter as well. In fact, you’ll often see him on other lists just like this. His background stretches between occupier services, transaction management, and healthcare services, which makes his commentary distinctive and shrewd.

  1. Matterport@Matterport

In 2017, Matterport was the benefactor of a hype-storm surrounding their 3D VR technology and its implications for CRE, and they are only poised for growth from here on out. As VR and 3D modeling become a bigger part of our industry, follow Matterport’s Twitter account to stay current on trends, advancements, and tips on how to optimize the burgeoning technology.

  1. Allen C. Buchanan@allencbuchanan

For you readers in Southern California markets, look no further than Allen Buchanan. Allen is a regional broker that provides actionable knowledge to both owners and occupants in the local CRE field.


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